When I heard Common Era, I knew I wanted to put my own spin on it; yet somehow keep the energy of it intact, which wouldn't have been possible if I had gone my regular low-key/downtempo house style. Instead, I decided to keep the hard/acid style of the track in place and then see what I could come up with. This track actually took a while to come together. As a deviation from my usual style of melodic techno and house music, this flip (what a pretty word for 'bootleg') taught me quite a bit about producing outside the genre I'm familiar with.
I started off with the choral break that was used in the track, opting for a more mellow intro than the original. Tossed some echo on it (delay+reverb) and had myself a functional pad, as well as a base for the flip to ground itself. Once I extracted the drums from the main track and put together the lead melody, I just had to string the beads together. The fun thing for me was actually creating a 303-sounding, acid-type lead, which I did in Serum, after which I layered it with presets I found in my Sylenth1 library to give it a nice, full body.
You may notice, however, that there are two overlapping 'growls' in the track. The initial idea was to work with the first one, which would then drive into the lead arpeggio you hear at around 2.40; however, it was a bit plain for my taste and, adding to that, didn't much sound like the original in any way. Rather, it sounded like I'd simply sampled the choir from the track and made a poor imitation of a hard techno track no one could quite place.
So I got to work improving it. I added in the main lead from the track to make the flip more recognisable, some sweet SFX to give the track more gravitas, and popped a filter lead atop everything to swirl all over the place. I think the end result is pretty exciting, and maintains the driving energy of the original. This actually inspired me to make more in the 130+ bpm range but, ah, I imagine you'll hear more about that in the future.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide this for download of any kind, what with it being a bootleg and all, but do follow me on my socials (links at the top of the page) and stay up to date with my content!
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