From YouTube:
"Focus your mind with this organic and progressive house mixtape full of alternative beats and Eastern-influenced music.
We start off with Human Error by Beatamines and Johan Mila: a slow, brief moment in time that sets the mood for the rest of the mix. We move on to Out of Nowhere by Dole & Kom, a minimal, deep organic house track that let's you lean back and close your eyes.
Forget everything else; you're in the zone now.
Next up is Illusions by Shai T, a blend of trance leads, organic house drums, and Middle East–influences. At the quarter mark we have Outlined by Nandu, an exquisite union of digital and organic with lush production and downsampled vocals that merge seamlessly into a fantastic track. From there, the pace picks up with Monojoke's remix of Prelude by Airbas & Hrederik, an uptempo organic house track that keeps the tempo up with heady percussive elements and melodic stabs.
We take a step down from the energy with the Lost Desert remix of Riziki by Pippi Ciez and Idd Aziz. One of my favourite tracks of this year, the Lost Desert remix add so much flavour to the track while keeping the spirit of the original in place. At the halfway mark we have the ever-unfailing Tim Green with Shiratani, a gorgeous downtempo track glued together with flutes and strings and a rich, rhythmic bassline.
We move into the final quarter with Sweet Verse by Hoj, a meditative, contemplative beat; serene in its minimalism, especially when contrasted against the bass strings and vocal fullness of Break Into My Walls by Doyeq and Jay.
We close out Focus with Lonely Sun by Hraach from the ever-excellent Hoomidas label, a track that perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the mix: peaceful, contemplative, and energising."
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