'Isolation' is a track quite close to my heart. I made it during the last lockdown in Melbourne (or perhaps the one before the last?) and it's meant to represent what, to me, was the essence of loneliness during that period. 
The genre lends itself nicely to repetition, which is  a big part of the track here. There's a lot of movement, especially in the higher register through the lead, but the music never really goes anywhere. 
One of my favourite things from this track is what I call a 'bass stutter', which happened by accident! The 'bass stutter' is the change in pattern along the bassline for two bars, which adds an interesting twist to the bassline, which, of course, quickly returns to the original, signifying that nothing really changes in 'Isolation'.
It was a very difficult period for me. I spent most of my time at home, locked in my room. I struggled with going outdoors and my classes and everything else. But, eventually, like everything else in life, you come to understand and deal with something, and that's what happened.
It wouldn't have been possible without those closest to me (you know who you are) pushing me forward and making me seek the help I so sorely needed. 
The latter half of the track represents that joy, that hope, that acceptance of the situation. Life may suck, but life goes on. You have to go on with it. 
Take the time to process your self and your emotions, and move forward in life.
And, lastly, be kind to yourself. Be kind to those around you.
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