KOI-7923.0 was my second release on Trippy Code and the longest track I'd ever made until then. At 9 minutes and 16 seconds, it edged out Adventures In Time & Space, which was at a comfortable 9 minutes and 7 seconds. I loved putting this together because I went in with an idea: to create a rich, complex atmosphere that has no beat whatsoever, which then transitions into a melodic techno track. At almost 10k plays, KOI is actually my most popular track on Spotify, although it didn't do as well on YouTube.
The name actually comes from the eponymous planet discovered in 2017. It was in the news a fair amount, being touted as a potentially habitable planet, but nothing really came of it. I was really big on science-related things back then; in fact, I even had a self-released track called 'Water On Mars'. Although, listening to KOI in hindsight gives more of an old-school sci-fi vibe and the flutes add a fantasy element to it. Would probably name it differently if I was releasing it in 2020.
That being said, I genuinely adore how the track flows and I believe my production naïveté shows in the way the track is designed. The bassline and hats double up on themselves to add variation (a trick I picked up from producing trap music) and the percussion are all dead centre. The main lead is a patch i discovered for Hive, which I fell in love with instantly, and (maybe) overused a bit.
I've since learned sound design.
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