From YouTube:
"Melodic house, techno, and progressive house come together in harmony in this one-hour mix perfect to relax and trip to. Township Rebellion, Maceo Plex, Yotto, Lane 8, Massane, ARTBAT, and others make this mix a deep, contemplative, emotional journey through the medium.
We start off with Retrida by Angelov, a meditative progressive house track with a steadily evolving lead and a thumping bassline, which leads into Sunset Drive by Stereoclip (7:30), a melodic house track with a gorgeous piano loop and lead melody. This transitions into Horizon by Massane at 12:40, a soft, downtempo melody from Lane 8's This Never Happened label.
It's a brief moment of solitude before dropping into ARTBAT's remix of Keep Control by Sono at 15:30, in all it's melodic techno glory, and from there we move to Tierra by Paradoks (20:15), a dark techno beat with a gorgeous melodic techno lead. Closer to the halfway mark, the mix grows more progressive with Magdalena's remix of Shout by Davis Christopher, featuring vocals from Martin Sola (25:00).
From there we move on to Magna Spe by Township Rebellion (30:30), a melodic, uplifting melody with darker elements underneath, to Illusion by AVIRA and Armin van Buurin, which, despite appearances, is a melodic house track through and through, albeit trance- and deep house–inspired with rich brass leads and an anthemic breakdown.
A third of the way through, we kick off Buggy (41:00) by Yotto and Lane 8, the perfect progressive house track for the summer, and then switching up to Mace Plex's disco, funk-influenced Nu World (47:00), before finally closing out with the deep, dark techno track Dustpig by Fabrication (52:00)."
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