The Space Between was one of my first forays into the Anjunadeep-style of deep house/progressive house/melodic house. It was a personal piece, made in peak lockdown (March, 2020) where I felt isolated from the world, my family, and my friends. I wanted to create something that resonated with me, but found it difficult to do so – how do you create something that resonates when you feel like you have no frequency at all?
It took some time to piece together. The idea sprung from the vocal chop that you can hear prominently through the piece, which ties it all together. I wanted something that was reminiscent of home, yet foreign; hence the guitar, which sounds filmy/Bollywood to me paired with the overarching Western feel of the song in its composition, structure, and underlying theory.
It broke me out of a creative funk. Creating The Space Between helped me deal with my isolation, being locked away in a foreign country with no one around me, and helped me come to terms with my situation. It was difficult putting it together, but once it was done, I made two other tracks in quick succession: Breathing Room and Fractured.
You’ll hear those stories in due time. For now, you can snag a short copy of this for free or you can purchase the track on Beatport.
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