Zeit was a fascinating piece of work for me; especially looking back on it now in 2020. I remember being inspired by ATTLAS and some of the other artists at mau5trap, and wanting to create something that would be heavy on the bass and light on everything else, and held together by piano notes.
My favourite part of this track is the sub. The sub bass came out really well; it's almost shivering in its design and, when paired with the 808 bass hits, it really hit the spot. I supported the piano with the Hive preset I loved to use and the vocal sample, gosh, I genuinely cannot remember where it's from. I think I recorded it myself.
I remember that, in the breakdown, I wanted a cool, staggered effect of the vocals like Matt Lange's remix of Hell Is Other People by Eekkoo, but I had no idea how to do it right, so I ended up just stretching out the vocals and putting a ton of reverb and delay. I was quite satisfied with how it turned out, to be honest.
Zeit was quite different from my previous works, although it did have some similarities with my previous releases, mainly in the breakdown where I create a wall of noise that fades away to silence, and building from there again. I realised that I use it as a crutch for breaks and stopped it after this track. It's been a while though; maybe I can get away with it again.
Mostly I just really liked Zeit because it sounded different from anything else I made before. I created it with the intent of having a beat from the get-go (I could never do that back then), and I remember complaining to a friend of mine that even though I wanted to start with a beat, I ended up having some sort of beat-less intro that transitions into a beat pattern.
I complain about a lot of things.
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