Zero was actually part of my first attempt at creating an EP. It was a part of 3 tracks, titled Zero, Zephyr, and Zenith. The EP itself was creatively called 'Zerozephyrzenith', an idea I got from one of ZHU's albums. I eventually decided to go with the title 'Deep Space'. It felt like less of a mouthful.
Of the three, the label only wanted Zero, so I, in my wealth of inexperience, self-published the other two tracks anyway. I didn't get much traction with them, and they've since been removed, but odds are you'll see versions of Zephyr and Zenith pop up in the future as singles.
Zero, on the other hand, was released in late 2018; given away for free, in fact, for follows for my label, which was a bit of a bummer as I wasn't really consulted on it. Nonetheless, it was hugely popular (at the time) for me, and was one of my fastest-growing tracks on the market. It has about 20k plays on YouTube, 5k on Spotify, and another 3k on Soundcloud, with a decent amount of engagement. It's a shame I chose not to capitalise on that movement. I went more into self-releasing content after that and messed around with different genres and whatnot. 
I'm not famous; I can do what I want.
One thing I was glad for, however, was that they released the whole track on Soundcloud. I created it with the specific intent of being one whole piece. I decided to forego a break altogether and create a track that has an intro and a beat, with elements being introduced over time. Much like KOI, Zero also has a massive intro, although I do tease a beat at around 1:30 before I take it away. In hindsight, however, I do feel like I overused the end-bar snare+echo combo a bit.
I think that Zero was also my first track made using Ableton Live 10. A lot of the sounds are stock Live 10 sounds, although I'm sure you'll hear a familiar Hive preset there too. I've since stopped using it and The Artist Union has since shut down, so you can't really get the track for free anymore.
After Zero, I released a few of my tracks through Distrokid and, by mid-2019, took a break from producing music to focus on my cooking career. Yeah, I do a lot of things. Early 2020 saw me put my cooking on hold for a Master's degree, and now here I am, in late 2020, ready for another slew of releases.
Hint: December. Stay tuned for more.
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